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The Golden Sands Resort Bulgaria: Where Beauty Meets Adventure

I recently did a review on Varna, well Nestled just 19 kilometers north of there lies the enchanting Golden Sands Resort, a haven, where nature’s allure merges with exhilarating activities. As the largest resort on the Northern Black Sea coast, Golden Sands captivates visitors with its pristine sandy beaches, lush vegetation, and a touch of legend. Here I’ll give you the low down and uncover the wonders of this Bulgarian gem.

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Exploring Varna Bulgaria: A Comprehensive City Guide


Welcome to my comprehensive city guide on Varna, a stunning coastal city located on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. I’ve visited Varna every summer for the last 10 years and it never fails to impress. Whether you are looking for a new base as Digital Nomad or visiting just for a holiday there is a reason they call it the Jewel of the black sea. Beautiful sandy beaches next to beautiful Sea Gardens at the steps of a modern cosmopolitan city. Friendly people, fantastic food at some of the cheapest prices in Europe and a rich history going all the way back to when the Greek’s named it Odessa and beyond.

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